Val’s Gals Online Training Program

Enrollment for Val’s Gals in currently closed and will reopen in December 2019.

Feel free to email me at

or get on the list to be notified when enrollment is open.


Are you ready…

…to gain the confidence you need to live your fullest life?

…to feel strong, healthy and energetic now and as you age?

…for accountability, motivation, and a plan a busy woman like you can follow

…no matter what your schedule, your starting point fitness level, or where you need to work out?

…for me, Val Solomon, to show you how I’ve managed to stay fit and balanced for a decade with 4 kids and lots of life happening?

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What is Val’s Gals?

  • Val’s Gals is an online training program where you will be working closely with me through an app and a Facebook group in which I’ll take you through a 4 phase exercise program including strength training, new and interesting workouts, cardio techniques, and nutrition.

  • Learn to workout to build a strong and lean body that will help you get fit and feel great and energetic now, but also stay fit and healthy for the long term as you age.


Will This Program Work For me?

  • This program is for busy women ready to focus on themselves for 45min a day 3 days a week (plus bonus extra days as your schedule allows) and finally feel empowered to get fit and healthy for life.

  • Program can be done at home or at the gym. You will choose which program you’d like to follow.

    • Home Equipment Needed if Working out at Home: A set of resistance bands with a door attachment, hand weights, a stability ball

  • Program is for beginners AND more advanced women. You will choose which program (beginner or advanced) you’d like to start with.

  • You can do this plan. You can be a part of this group. I’ll meet you where you are and help you get to your next level.


4 progressive workout phases:

  • Oct-Dec: A strength building phase “Gym Queen Confidence” where we will focus on building strength, perfecting exercise form to build confidence and avoid injury, and gaining confidence in any area lacking it. Cardio guidance included. While we can focus on getting leaner also during this phase, I want the primary focus to be on learning to love your power and strength.

  • Jan-Mar: Uplevel your workouts “Ignite Your Power” where we will learn more exercises to push your workouts to the next level and continue to grow strength and leanness. Cardio guidance included.

  • Apr-Jun: Shred Phase “Spring Burn” where we will introduce strength training and exercise techniques to burn fat and build muscle like HIIT and new circuits. Cardio guidance included.

  • Jul-Sep: “Hot HIIT Summer” Phase where we will focus of quick effective workouts to burn fat, stay strong, but also survive the craziness of summer with travel and kids. Cardio guidance included.

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More Details!

  • Workouts (new workouts monthly - new progressive phase quarterly) will be delivered to you via a robust interactive app.

  • You’ll be able to check in to your workouts, watch videos for how to do each movement, track your exercise progress, etc.

  • You’ll be invited to an interactive Facebook group for all of Val’s Gals worldwide.

  • Possible in person free workout meet ups for those in my area or those who want to travel in.

  • Surprise incentives to succeed.

  • Diet plan included to teach my concept of eating that you can do for life!

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