Thank you for taking the time to review and offer feedback on my new training program idea…. Val’s Gals.

What is Val’s Gals?

  • An online training program working closely with me through an app and Facebook group.

  • Learn to workout in the same style of lifting I’ve done to consistently stay fit and motivated for a decade.

  • This program is for busy women ready to focus on themselves for 1hr a day 3-5 days a week and finally feel empowered to get fit and healthy for life.

  • Program can be done at home or at the gym.

  • 4 workout phases:

    • Oct-Dec: A building phase “Gym Queen Confidence” where we will focus on building strength, perfecting form, and gaining confidence in any area lacking it

    • Jan-Mar: Uplevel your lifting “Ignite Your Power” where we will learn more powerful lifts, challenge ourselves, and continue to grow strength

    • Apr-June: Shred Phase “Spring Burn” where we will introduce lifting and exercise techniques to burn fat and build muscle

    • July-Sep: “Hot Summer” Phase where we will focus of quick effective workouts to burn fat, stay strong, but also survive the business of summer.

  • Workouts (new workouts monthly - new phase quarterly) will be delivered to you via a robust interactive app.

  • You’ll be able to check in to your workouts, watch videos for each movement, track your weight lifted.

  • You’ll be able to upload progress photos, measurements, and weight to track progress.

  • Interactive Facebook group for all of Val’s Gals worldwide.

  • Possible in person free workout meet ups for those in my area or those who want to travel in.

  • Diet plan included to teach my concept of eating that you can do for life!