Empowerer of women.



Hi I’m Valerie Solomon.

I am a fitness coach and the creator of Busy Mom Gets Fit. I specialize in helping busy women like you develop a fitness lifestyle they can stick with for LIFE. As a Certified Personal Trainer, UFE Figure PRO, creator of GORGO Magazine & Camp GORGO, and a single mom of 4 boys, I completely understand the busy mom lifestyle. The thing is, I also know how important fitness is to your overall wellbeing. If you haven’t found the motivation, aren’t sure where to begin, are ready to learn to workout for life, or maybe you just need a solid plan to follow; I am here to help you!  

My love of fitness began as a teenager when I was a competitive swimmer. I loved the feeling of being strong and athletic. After having four kids, I longed to get back to that feeling. Starting out with cardio, I was disappointed that my time on the treadmill wasn’t bringing me the results I craved, so I went back to my first fitness love: strength training. When I started out again, I felt insecure lifting weights and unempowered. But, after hiring someone to show the way, every thing changed for me. Not only did I get fit, I found myself. I became a better mom and more empowered in every area of my life. This is what I want for you too!

My goal with each and every woman I work with is to empower her to live a fit lifestyle without feeling like it’s a sacrifice of time with her family. It is such an honor for me to teach women to strength train and to take charge of their own health and fitness while modeling that behavior for their families.

When you work with me, you are getting a fitness trainer who understands the unique demands of the busy mom lifestyle. Nothing means more to me than finding out I have changed a woman’s life by bringing fitness and wellness into her weekly routine. While many of the women I work with come to my programs feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of starting a fitness routine, they soon realize that it can (and should) be done! They start to feel great, and own the title of “fit mom.” The reality is, you don’t have to slave away for hours at the gym in order to achieve a fit, strong, and healthy body. You can achieve amazing results in a timely manner in a gym, or right in the comfort of your own home, and on your own time.  

If you are a busy mom but want to find a good plan to follow, or maybe you already work out, but would like to find a way to build more muscle tone and strength, you are in the right place.