Busy Mom Gets FIt Reviews


Busy Mom Gets Fit Flat Tummy Plan Reviews


Just finished my first day of phase 1 of the Busy Mom Gets Fit Flat Tummy Plan. And wow my core feels like something I've never felt before! It's not the feeling I would get after long rounds of crunches and planks... It's like the inside muscles in my core are tight and engaged!

Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing (and easy to use) program for busy moms like myself.

I've been practicing the core breathes for a few weeks now and without being completely TMI, my husband and I have notice a huge difference in our sex life! Thanks so much again, I absolutely can't wait to compare my before pictures I took today with my after picture once I've completed the program!  

-D. Dunn



This knowledge was so helpful!! I had no idea that this is how the inner core the core four worked. I have done crunches with no result of flattening the stomach, and my daughter is 8 as of the 24th of this month. So thankful for gained insight. Thanks Val!!!

-Cathryn C.



Love what I have learned so far! This is life changing knowledge that makes perfect sense. I am definitely having lots of 'duh' moments! Ha!

-Anne G.



You know what's sad? That people are either afraid to talk about it, or consider it "normal", and just go on with it. Knowing that there is help is great. SPREAD THE WORD!!




Love all the information and the teaching of how everything works. If only more programs taught like this people would know and understand so much more about their bodies. So much great information here. I don't feel alone and I feel more confident with what I am learning that I can correct my core dysfunction!

-Jocelyn M.



I wish I would have known about this after my daughter. I had a c-section but then after my 6 weeks I had to start PT again. I was active duty military at the time and I failed my sit-ups portion of the test.

-Theresa F.



Mind blown......

-Christina H.



This video and step by step write up is by far the best I have seen for explaining how to do these checks! You made so much sense, and I was able to follow along while doing the check. During the tension test, I noticed that I went from firm to squishy/mushy. Right as I noticed that, you started talking about it. The nerd in me was thinking "This is SO cool!!" Yeah sure my tummy has some squish, but I have never had someone teach the dynamics of the body quite like that. Great way to learn self awareness! Thank you!!!!

Funny example of results - I've stayed at this module longer because of other life events. I've really felt my core connect more lately, and can feel the impact core breathing has on my muscles. It can be an amazing workout on it's own.

The funny part: the other day I sneezed, really big sneeze, and I felt my pelvic floor contract like it's supposed to on the sneeze (exhale). I don't know that it didn't work like that before, but I really felt it this time, and thought "Woah! Results!" LOL.

-Eugenia P.



She did a great job explaining this! Really neat.

-Val B.

Busy Mom Gets Fit Plan Reviews



I've been a fan of your Facebook page for years. I have three boys and have been going to the gym for the last six months, mostly classes. This year, I decided the number on the scale wasn't as important as feeling strong. I knew I could find a community to help and support me with BusyMomsGetFit. Thank you!!

-Vivian P.



Great Plans! I've done Next Step and Fierce, both awesome great results!

-Ann K.



I absolutely must give props to what started my love of weight training, my busymomgetsfit strength training plans.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I had no clue what to do on my own at the gym or even at home. I first purchased the 3 day at home workout plan, which was exactly what I needed to lay groundwork for what was to come.  I then got courage to finally get my first ever gym membership two years ago and purchased the gym 5 day split from busymomgetsfit.  Not only was it easy to follow, super AFFORDABLE, but it taught me so much about how "getting stronger actually made ME stronger" and I'm not just saying physically.  I learned to not worry about how I looked to others at the gym, I learned about techniques, and super sets, I learned that training is a progression not a destination.  Most of all I found a love for strength training and I didn't have to break the bank account starting off!  Thank you Val for the awesome plans, for the kindness of making them so affordable, I appreciate it!!! To anyone wanting to start, or continue in their training these plans are a must!

-Gina R.



I am a results driven individual.  It is important to me to feel like I am progressing without getting bored, while seeing positive results. I found Val's programs comprehensive yet easy to follow, while providing me with ‎visible results and strength. Whether you are just starting out or looking to change things up at the gym, the Busy Mom Gets Fit 12 Week Strength Training program is what you've been looking for.

-Stephanie C.