Get Fit by Accident

Feeling tired and over worked?  Are you wanting to get in shape but can’t imagine how you’d fit it into your busy life?  Living a fit life does not need to be a chore.  With a few adjustments in perspective and a little change in routine, you can set yourself up to reach your goals over time …almost by accident!

When you learn to ENJOY a healthy lifestyle and work it into your routine, feeling good and looking good will come naturally.

1.  Don’t Run if You Don’t Wanna

Approach cardio, NOT with an attitude of “have to”, but do it because it is FUN!  I hear this a lot: “I want to get in shape but I hate to run!” The point of cardiovascular exercise is to get your heart pumping.  You don’t have to run if you hate it!  Find a way to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes several days a week doing something that is fun to you.  Ride a bike, play tennis, speed walk, Zumba, kick box, jump on the trampoline with your kids, swim, hike, jump rope, etc.  The options are endless.  No running required! 

2.  Have a Strong Hobby

The key to a FIT body is building muscle tone.  You can’t run on muscle.  You can’t diet on muscle.  You’ve got it build it. The best way to build muscle is to lift weights! But don’t stress about it… Set out to learn all that you can about lifting weights, not with a time limit or deadline, but because it is cool to learn new hobbies.  Take it slow.  Learn to enjoy the process.  There is so much to learn about how to build muscle.  Find the method that you love! 

3.  Splurge One Night

Maybe give up sugar all week in exchange for one fabulous dessert once a week.  Maybe go out for that Mexican dinner you’ve been thinking about with friends.  Plan it.  Make it special and fun.  Then go back to the plan the next day.  Balance, moderation, limiting yourself when needed and then allowing yourself some simple pleasures are key for long term fitness.  Getting fit does not have to be an “all in” or obsessive lifestyle.  I believe a fit LIFESTYLE requires balance and truly living in all areas of your life… not just fitness.

4.  Change Your Diet Perspective

Give up the traditional diet attitude (I’ve got to deprive myself to lose weight!) in exchange for an attitude of “this is what is best for me and my family”.  Cut back on processed food.  Eat whole grain, whole wheat, fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and fish.  Don’t do it to get skinny.  Do it to get healthy.  Naturally, your body will change when you start eating better!  

5.  Eat all day long.

The key to getting your metabolism going is NOT to starve it!  Eat 3 meals and a couple of snacks every day.  Remember, don’t do this with a diet attitude but a “yay! I am eating all day!” attitude.  What healthy snack will you eat next?!

Exercise, strength training, eating the right food, and fueling your body all day are necessary steps to getting fit.  When they become second nature, you are living the fit life.   

-Valerie “Busy Mom Gets Fit”