Getting on Track: I KNOW You & You do Hard Stuff

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·      Val’s 1 tip for getting on track

·      Overview of the Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Diet & Workout Plan

·      Q & A

·      Val’s Supplement Thoughts & Regimen


Val’s 1 tip for getting on track

Are you struggling to get started with a fitness routine?  Are you struggling to stick to a fitness plan?  This blog is for you.

I could list out steps like I’ve done before, but honestly that’s not really what I’m feeling right now.  I think the only thing you need to do to get started or to finally stick to a plan is to decide that you will.

Decide FIRMLY that you will.

That’s it.

I KNOW you!  Not exactly, of course.. But I know you are a busy mom, or wife, or sister that has done some very hard things in your life.  I know you wake up and do lots of hard things everyday.  You keep humans alive!  You have cooked like 8000 dinners!  You have wiped like 10000 butts!  And you’ve done and continue to do really hard things I’ll never know about.  But seriously, when you know you have to or when it comes to your loved ones, you do very hard things without question.  You put your mind to it, it becomes routine, and you do it.  You have it in you to succeed when you want to.

Remember when they were babies and you didn’t know how you’d do it all?  You weren’t sure how to even go get groceries with them?  Now you are a total champ at that.  Every phase of life and every new thing is a little strange at first.  But you worked through it.  You had to.

Your health has got to be a priority like all of the other things you do.  Just like your children need to eat, momma needs to be healthy and strong. 

So, like everything else that was hard or new at one point in your life, decide firmly that you will do this too.  And I think (KNOW) if you are sincere with yourself, that’s the only tip you need to be successful.

I really want this for you.  Not only so that you feel better physically, but fitness is so good for mental health as well. 


Overview of the Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Diet & Workout Plan

There ARE actual steps you can take to start your fitness journey.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed though!  With a plan in place, you just put one foot in front of the other and trust the process so many women have been successful at before you.  I’ve worked hard to present you with a step-by-step very doable plan that I know you can be successful with if you decide to commit to it.

I’ll help you develop lasting exercise and eating habits that lead you to the fit lifestyle and body you want!  My program will start you out on an exercise plan that gets you simply MOVING and leads you to beginning strength training and beyond.  The diet is broken into two very doable phases to help you make lasting change progressively. 


Q & A



The fitness world is really promoting “macros” these days.  The term “macro” is short for “macronutrients” and is referring to a PROTEIN:CARBOHYDRATE:FAT ratio to make up the calories that you eat. 

I KNOW!  You are overwhelmed already, right?!!  “I have to eat and count what?”  I get it.  Seriously.  I believe counting macronutrients is a great way to make progress, but I reserve this for myself when I’m getting ready to compete.  It really is not a long-term livable way to eat in my opinion. The rest of the time, in my daily normal fit mom life, I eat in a way I call “Protein Minded”.   In Beginner and Next Step Plans, I lead you through learning to eat to reach this “normal fit mom” eating that I’m talking about.  If you want to learn to eat according to macros, I teach that in the Next Step Plan as an optional diet phase, but I really feel like the great majority of us moms, just want to learn to eat well to support our goals and not be super critical about it.


Do you meal prep, Val?

My meal prepping consists of keeping protein options cooked and available in my freezer.  I love to cook a lot of chicken breast in the crockpot and then store it away for easy lunches and dinners.  I do the same with lean ground beef.  Anytime I cook ground beef for a meal for my family, I double it and freeze the extra.  I find that I naturally gravitate to eating carbohydrates and fats, my problem is getting in enough protein.  With these options of hand, I can then easily pair the protein with any carb I feel like (a wrap, rice, salad, crackers, beans, etc.) to make a great meal.  This method helps me stay “Protein Minded”… the method I teach in my Beginner and Next Step Plans.


How do you manage to workout with kids?

When I first started working out when I had 3 young kids, I wasn’t sure I could fit it in.  I started going to the gym just a couple of days a week to a gym that had a childcare room.  As I worked it into my schedule and felt better and better with my new routine, I started going more days!  So basically, start small.  Do what you can.  Maybe it means you workout at home for now.  That’s great!


How do you manage lack of energy?

When you lack energy to go work out, that is when you need it the most!  Just try it.  Sometime in the next few days when you are too tired to go workout, go anyway. I promise it will breath new life into you.


What is a good beginner workout? 

I’ve created a whole all-inclusive Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Workout & Diet Plan.  I hope you’ll trust me to start today. :)


Val’s Supplement Thoughts & Regimen

I think it’s important to take a step back and think about what supplements are.  You are supplementing what ever you are lacking in your diet to reach the goals you want to reach.  That could be weight loss goals or maybe performance goals.  If you are a beginner, it is probably smart to get a protein shake, but don’t feel overwhelmed with adding in the performance supplements I use at this time. 

As I mentioned earlier, I struggle to naturally want to eat as much protein as I need.  So, I drink 2 protein shakes daily.  I have one for breakfast daily because I never feel like eggs and oatmeal or anything like that.  I have found success in just waking up to chug this shake.  It’s like my safety net.  Like you, I’m busy and pulled in a million directions and I want to have safety nets to keep me on track.

I also use a product daily that levels my cortisol.  If I’m stressed, foggy headed, or sluggish, it’s an amazing supplement to naturally give me the boost I need to feel my best.

For workouts, if I need an extra boost of energy, I have an all-natural preworkout, intra workout (to give me gradual energy during my workout) and a post workout recovery supplement and shake.  There is a lot of research to support nutrient timing like this for optimal performance. 

I’ve aligned myself with a health and wellness supplement company that makes 100% all natural top quality products.  If you want more information about ordering the products I use and trust, fill out the form below.