Become a Transformation Series: Be Choosy of Role Models

By Erica Willick

As transformation coaches, and powerful transformation stories ourselves, you want to tap into our "secrets" of how to become a transformation.  Yet they aren't secrets, they're proven patterns.  

In this blog series, we share the patterns of what we've seen in the hundreds (possibly into a thousand plus now) of the busy moms we've worked.  What are the things that successful (lasting) transformations are doing?


You see an incredibly fit and beautiful woman on social media, and tens of thousands of others follow her.  The photos she posts are amazing and she's even a bit of a "celebrity" being in magazines and photoshoots.  You think, "Wow. I'd like to be like her."  You then try and pick up every nugget & tips of what she's doing from her posts because what she's doing will get you want she has.  Right?

Question: How does your real life stack up to her real life?

I remember starting out my fitness journey 5 years ago, being wowed by a few "fit-celebrities".  However, as I travelled along my own fitness transformation, and helped others do the same, there became a clear disconnect on what our real lives actually entailed and some of the initial "role models" I chose.

A great role model for one person may be a terrible role model for another simply because our lives and journey's are so different.  The key here is to find the CONNECTION & SIMILARITY to your real life and in progress journey.

Why I ditched some of my initial role models:

1. They didn't have kids.  I don't feel I need to explain much here.  Moms, you know.  Body. Life. Everything.

2. Fitness was their only/primary pursuit. Ever. There was no evidence of juggling a job or kids at the time they rocked into great shape.  Not my reality.  Not a good role model.

3. They had a zillion dollars.  Ok, I exaggerate. But unless you also have unlimited financials, be careful of choosing role models that have unlimited resources to get/stay fit.  The advice and tips may be unrealistic for you and you may end up feeling like you're doing something wrong or failing, but in reality is just not practical to be applied to you with your budget.

The Momentum of Getting Great (for you) Role Models

My transformation not only picked up, but became truly lasting when I finally found role models that better reflect my life and journey.  I've observed the same with the successful transformations we've coached.  

They let go of the unrealistic & embraced the possible.

The cool thing is that a great role model for you, may be closer than you think.  Consider this: I re-chose my true role models when I learned the power of this transformation success tip.  I'm now friends with these role models.  These role models weren't so untouchable that we couldn't really connect.  Seeing the real, the possible in a life like mine, boosted my belief in myself and I gained momentum in my transformation.  I then became blessed to be considered a role model to others, and we really connected, and then they transformed.  They then have become a role model to others, and I have seen the transformations from their inspiration of others.....incredible, yet this is the power of this first tip.

Who are your "role models" right now?  I encourage you to re-look at them with a more critical eye, and ask if there is disconnect from your real life and journey.  Gain momentum in your transformation by looking closer for a true role model.