Stuck in a Plateau? How to Push Through

By Christie Nix, FitNix

This blog is a follow up from Christie's Periscope viewable here.

I don’t doubt that you work hard. Your commitment is there. You push yourself and leave the gym feeling stronger, but your progress has plateaued and you feel like you’re just stuck.

I want you to know The Busy Mom Gets Fit Team measures progress in many ways. Getting stronger and more confident in the gym, trying those barbell glute bridges for the sake of nice buns no matter who's watching, and having more energy and patience with your family are all amazing ways to make progress.

But we want to look like we feel, too.  At some point we expect to see the progress add up to changes in our reflection. Plateaus happen and we feel stuck and hopeless after a while. But you don’t have to.

To push past a plateau you need to take an honest look at your Training and Nutrition.

Two months progress after Christie Nix was "stuck" without change for months.

Two months progress after Christie Nix was "stuck" without change for months.


Does your workout challenge you still? Is your cardio routine habit or hard? Are you consistent with your diet for a few days then throw in the towel? Could it be you’re not eating enough?

Training Adaption, it’s a very real and oh so common thing. If you train hard and have reached the point of no return, your body has stopped responding to your workouts.

In a way it’s validating, your time put in has produced change, so much change that it’s no longer effective.

This is a big red flag that it's time to change your workout.  When you do new exercises or load your body in a different way, your body reacts by increasing it's ability to cope with that new load, and responds again with the changes you’ve been training so hard for.

A new program will motivate you to up your intensity, commitment, and move you past that comfortable cardio routine.  We’ve developed plans for you to keep your body progressing.


Overeating, under eating, inadequate macros, food logger-kinda, liquid calories (Café Mocha anyone), improper supplementation can all be things making you stay “stuck”.

Nutrition is complex and different for everyone. It’s also where the biggest commitment and lifestyle changes happen.

Could it be you’re overeating? When’s the last time you logged your intake for a solid week. Could it be the weekends are too much fun and set you back your solid weeks worth of efforts? Calories in vs. calories out is the #1 rule to weight loss, take an honest look at ALL THE CALORIES and see where you’re at.

Could it be you’re under eating? If your goals are to build muscle and create a physique, get stronger, you’ll stay stuck if you don’t eat enough to support that. That can be a scary thought to some of us women who fell victim to the 1,200 calorie diets and 100 calorie packs for food.

Macros? Ahhh, what are those? If you need a course on that read this.

Basically once your body has adapted to training and a typical calorie counting diet, your next step for progress is the quality of food you’re eating. You’ll want to fuel up with more lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats. Being protein minded and getting adequate sources of each macro so your body has the building blocks needed to do what you ask of it.

As you dial in on your intake, macros, and quality of food focus, a common next step is supplementation. It’s a game changer for giving the body exactly what it needs post workout and to “supplement” your dialed in diet. The Busy Mom Gets Fit team knows that quality is important to you, there are well made products that are there to help you take your fitness goals to the next level, be selective, but don’t be afraid.

What if you ALREADY DO all of these, and do them well and consistently. It could be you are fit, healthy, your best you, and IT SHOWS. Congratulations, you’ve found that everyday fit that becomes a lifestyle!!

If you’re motivated for more still, there are plateau pushers like intermittent fasting, cleanse days, fasted cardio, and nutrition timing. All things The Busy Mom Gets Fit Team does and has used to push when the time is right.

If you’re ready for Next Step Diet and Training, to get past that plateau, and rock out of that rut, START HERE