New Year, Authentic You.

By Val Solomon


New Year, New You!

Are you tired of hearing that yet?!  Me too!

cp_valerie 2017-9.jpg

I like you the way you are.  Really.  

Maybe I don’t know you, exactly.  But I know this:  You have found my website about fitness and real women and empowerment… and you are reading it.  That tells me something.  

It tells me that you have this yearning somewhere deep inside to be strong... or maybe to learn to take the first steps towards confidence and empowerment.

It tells me that you love leaning on other strong women for support.  It tells me you are in #mytribe....this group of women that lifts up other women.

It tells me you want to keep learning.  You aren’t so set in your ways.  

It tells me that you have some badass in you....evne if you don't see it yourself.  Maybe just a tiny tiny bit.  Maybe a whole lot.  

You are sitting here reading something for yourself.  So I like you.  Just like this.  The girl with the spark of curiosity and goals and dreams and that attitude you have.

I just want YOU this New Year.  100% you.  Not a new you.  Just the authentic you.  

So tell me, how will the authentic you show up in 2018?