Why do you want to get fit? A Mindset Check

By Valerie Solomon, Busy Mom Gets Fit

Have you been asking yourself, “How do I get fit?” or “Should I get fit for a fitness competition?”

I’d like to ask you: Why do you want to get fit? 

It’s a great idea to really dig deep into why you want to get fit. While getting strong and healthy is always a good idea, I encourage you to get your mindset right before taking your goals next level.


I love training women that want to build strong and lean bodies and are willing to put in the work. 

It is my goal with each online client to bring them to a place in which they love and appreciate their body for all that it is and can do.

But… I’ve said this on every client phone call consultation, and I mean it to my core: I’m not in this business to create obsessive women chasing the unattainable. 

I’m in this line of work to show you that everyday fit physiques are possible while keeping your sanity and juggling life. It takes focus, commitment, putting yourself on the to-do list, but it’s possible.

It’s my job to simplify your fitness and nutrition, hold you accountable, and to pay close attention to your mindset and mental well-being along the way so that you can do all of the other things you need to do in your daily life. I’ve got your health and fitness ‘back’ so you can fully step into the woman you want to be.

The problem I see is that some women set out on a fitness competition journey for all of the wrong reasons. Their ‘why’ to get fit is going to cause more harm than good.

Red Flag #1: They want to do a fitness competition because they want that “goal body”.

While we can start strength training and eating for a great everyday fit body, a fitness competition stage ready body is not realistic at all times. I like to remind my clients that the body they have a couple of months out from a competition is a more realistic long term goal body. When my clients are feeling strong and happy in their skin and just want to crush the competition goal, I’m happy to help them do that.

Red Flag #2: They want to do a fitness competition because they are unsettled with themselves and chasing the next goal.

I love this excerpt from Gabby Bernstein’s book, Super Attractor:

“Do you ever feel as though once you achieve a goal, you immediately have to move to the next one? Not feeling complete in the moment of achievement, do you keep reaching toward the next goal? The need-more mentality is another form of lack. It suggests that you may be looking for something outside yourself to feel complete rather than trusting in your completeness now.”

This is a tough one to see as a trainer. You have to be the judge of whether or not you are chasing goal after goal to fill a void in your life and whether or not it’s unhealthy for you. 

I totally get filling a void by competing. I trained for and completed my first fitness competition a year my then husband was deployed. I had 4 kids to care for on my own for a full year and I used the competition as a distraction and to have something to work towards and to pass the time. It ended up being a healthy distraction I believe, but just be aware and conscious of why you want to have a goal and whether you are able to just sit in the joy having completed the goal or if you are still left with a void after.

Red Flag #3: They want to do a fitness competition for attention or approval.

I love to see women do hard things simply because THEY want to. Would you get fit and compete if no one ever knew? Would you do it if no one at your gym cared or said a word? Would you do it if social media didn’t exist?

One of my reasons is because I think it will be really cool for my grandkids or great grandkids to stumble across their crazy granny’s fitness competition photos or trophies. Do it for the joy thoughts like that give you. 

Some of us women - likely you since you are still reading - are internally driven to do hard and next level things. If you want to get fit or even fit enough to compete out of sheer enjoyment and all of the good feelings it will give you, I’m rooting for you.

If you need to work on your mindset first, please do.

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