How to Get Rid of Cellulite ...AND Stop Caring About Cellulite

In this video, I answer a common question that I get often: “How do I get rid of cellulite?”

I've got a few tips on how to get rid of cellulite but also a few tips on how to stop caring about cellulite.

Cellulite on the back of my legs is one of the things that got me started on my fitness journey to begin with. Years ago, after I’d had a few kids, I was unsatisfied with my body. I started eating low calories and doing a lot of cardio. My goal was to get back to my high school weight. I reached that, but I still was unsatisfied with my legs. I'd done all that work to get smaller and I thought that I would like what I saw, but I still saw cellulite. Getting smaller did not help that issue at all.

It occurred to me that I needed to start putting muscle on my body. As a teenager I had been a swimmer and lifted weights and I had nice legs. It didn't occur to me back then, but after I went the cardio and “getting smaller” route, I realized that it was muscle that was causing my shapely legs then.

Lift Weights

One way to get rid of and minimize cellulite is to strength train and start putting muscle in your glutes, hamstrings, and build nice strong legs overall. Building muscle is going to  fill out your legs, fill out your skin, and you're going to start liking the shape of them a little better.

Fuel Your Body

The other thing that can help with cellulite is to get leaner...not just smaller. Cellulite is fat, but there is a way to eat to fuel your body to build muscle and burn fat. That way you stay strong, healthy, and build a solid shape.

How to Stop Caring About Cellulite

We can lift weights, we can eat well, but the truth is, cellulite is very normal for women. The odds are, you will always have some cellulite! Please watch the video ‘How to Get Rid of Cellulite ...or Stop Caring About Cellulite’ so I share how I feel about cellulite now. I love strength training, I love eating to feel and look good, but I also want to enjoy my life. I want that for you too.