Ready to be Fit for Good? Stop Goal Chasing & Dig in to Your Core Values

Ever thought to your self, "I need a new goal so I'll get in shape or back on track!"?

“I need something to motivate me to workout.”

“I need someone to motivate me to eat well.”

Do you find yourself constantly looking for your next goal?

What is the secret to being one of those people that are fit and healthy all of their life?!  …Not just for fit for a season in life, but fit for decades?!

Do they constantly have a goal to press them onward?  

Maybe some of them do sometimes have a goal or did for a while, but I think they have more than just a goal keeping them fit long term and consistently in the gym.

Somewhere along the way being physically fit and healthy became one of their core values.  

To be fit and to continue to work towards fitness became a part of who they are and what they believe in.

They don't always need a race, vacation, or competition date to get them up and to the gym in the morning.  They don't have a goal weight that makes them choose to eat healthy food.

They do it because that's who they are.  

They do it because they don't feel as well when they don't.  They do it because they see that the big picture of living a full and long life often goes right along with taking care of oneself. 

At their core, they value physical exercise and eating well.


Are you struggling to stick to a goal every year? 

If so, sit for a minute and really think.  Do you want being physically fit and healthy to be what you value?  Beyond your goal weight or goal ‘look’, is it a value you feel import to instill in your children?

A core value of valuing physical fitness and eating well can help guide your behavior and choices.  It can give you a clear focus and reason for staying consistent when you aren’t motivated otherwise.  The cool thing is, you get to decide who you are at any given moment!  You can decide to be the person that decides fitness is important to you long term.

Instead of searching for something to motivate you, and then feeling like a failure when you fall short, decide that you are going to choose a fit lifestyle for the health of it.  That switch in thinking might be just the thing to get you up and moving in the morning… and all next year!