How I'm Nailing My Nutrition & Wasting Zero Brainspace On It

By Val Solomon


I’ve been doing this fitness thing for a long time now.  As I’m sure you can imagine, along the way I’ve tried all sorts of diets…



I started out calorie counting.

I’ve done low carb and no carb.

I’ve tried to eat clean.

I’ve counted macros.

I’ve done the competition diet many times.

Some of these things even worked!  I could do anything for a week or two, or if I had a big finish line goal like a competition, I could even do it for 3+ months.


The problem for me was, that as soon as I crossed my finish line, real life hit, or I just got sick and tired of certain foods (seriously never want to eat egg whites and oatmeal AGAIN!), I began to revert back to old habits. These diets were not sustainable for me! I realized I was not being smart about nutrition and what I was doing to my body for the long term by dieting this way.


Also, I found myself having to use too much brain space on what I was supposed to eat!  As a busy working momma, I really need to put my brain space elsewhere!  I literally have zero brain space left to stress about food!

What I really needed in my life was a sustainable EVERY DAY rhythm of eating that didn’t feel like a diet!  

I needed an approach that was simple but also worked with the new standard I was setting for myself (and my kids) as being the most healthy option for:

1. Long term wellness  

2. Reaching and staying a healthy leanness

3. Providing the fuel for energy my brain and body need for me to function at the highest level

4. As a coach to others, something that I felt 100% great about them putting in their body

I’m happy to report that for almost 4 years now, I’ve found my sustainable approach to nutrition! 

I'm nailing my nutrition & wasting zero brainspace on it!  I’m able to stay within 5lbs of my comfortable weight year around and not really give up anything that I love (hello wine and tacos!).  I have more mental clarity and energy than ever.  I’m spending zero time meal prepping.

Getting to a healthy body weight and fueling your body with vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats, etc does not have to consume your brain and your life!  I am super excited and passionate about coaching others to rock this lifestyle approach.

It’s why you may see me hosting challenge groups inviting you along!  I want this for you!!! Check out my latest one here.

As a busy mom with so much on your plate, could it be time to join me in a more simple… and better… approach?

What my day looks like:

  1. Breakfast - 1. chug my cortisol leveling superfood 2. take my high quality vitamins for energy, longevity, and mental clarity, 3. chug my high protein + low glycemic carb + healthy fats shake in the car!

  2. Lunch - another shake usually because I love the energy and mental clarity I get OR sometimes leftovers - I allow myself to be flexible

  3. Snack - whatever I’m gravitating towards with the goal of getting in protein and being smart about it.

  4. Dinner with the fam - Whatever I want, but being pretty smart most of the time.  Protein, healthy carbs, lots of veggies.

  5. Snack - vitamins - (sometimes...ok... often... wine!)

Having these shakes around for meal options feels like a safety net to me.  For almost 4 years now, my breakfast and lunch is handled!  Do I sometimes choose to have something else?  Yes!  But most of the time I go with what makes me feel the best and keeps me moving towards my fitness and wellness goals - the shake!

Another element to my nutrition routine is occasional intermittent fasting/cleansing.  Have you googled the weight management, health, and even muscle building benefits of fasting?!  Amazing.


Have questions?

Wonder if this could work for you?

Schedule a 15min call with me here so I can hear about your personal issue and help you decide if this could be right for you.


Looking forward to connecting with you!

Val Solomon