How I Dug Out of My Funk in 15 Min. a Day

By Val Solomon, Busy Mom Gets Fit

Recently, I was in a serious funk.

Here I was… this fitness/empowerment chick who was making a living helping people become their best selves, but I was strugglinggggg myself.

I’m a single self employed mom.  I have zero time to not be highly productive.  I have zero time to feel depressed.  I knew I had to dig myself out of this funk.

I’m a big self-development junkie.  Every book I’ve read or podcast I’ve listened to about highly productive people mentioned that they have something in common…

They have a morning routine.  


As I reflected on how I was starting my day, it went like this:

  1. Alarm goes off.

  2. Hit snooze.

  3. Half awake laying there saying to myself, “You suck!  You are so lazy!  Why the hell can’t you just get up!  You are so LAZY!”

  4. Grab phone.  Check texts, emails, facebook messages.

  5. Get up and get coffee while answering messages.

  6. Start the kid stuff.

(Wow.  Now that I’ve changed my morning routine, just typing that stresses me out!)

So I decided to change.  

In an effort for peace, clarity, focus and more highly productive days, I made myself a little 15 min. morning routine checklist.

  1. Alarm goes off.

  2. Say myself, “It’s going to be a great day.”

  3. Make bed. (1min)

  4. Make coffee.

  5. Meditate (3-10min)

  6. Journal answering these 2 q’s at least (2-5min):

    1. Today I am grateful for….

    2. What would make today great?

  7. Boom.  Start my day with kids and work.


I’m only 3 weeks in, but the funk is gone!  I’m learning that taking the time to start my day with peace and intention leads to a much more productive day and better mental well being.

Everyday is not perfect.  A couple of times, my kids heard me up and kind of ruined the meditation routine.  I've forgotten to make my bed.  But, getting a few of these things done daily, still helps!  

**I’m using the meditation app Headspace recommended by Tim Ferris.  I’ve tried others, but I enjoy the narrator's voice in this one the best so far.

Don't waste another day in a funk!  Start your own new morning routine pronto!  I look forward to hearing about it.