Busy Mom 20 Minute Workout

As a busy mom, it can be a challenge to find the time to work out let alone work towards goals of our own.  It's easy to put ourselves last, and it's easy to make excuses as to why we don't have extra time for it. 

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook feed the other day and it really resonated with me:


“But I’m pregnant”
“But it’s spring break”
“But my kids are with me” 
“But we want to go to the playground”

Remove the “But” and you have all kinds of reasons instead of excuses. It was a chilly morning full of errands, and a PERFECT afternoon to walk to the park, get in a #playgroundworkout while the kids played with friends, and walk back.


She's SO right!! Often our biggest excuse is THE REASON we should take care of ourselves.

So how do we fit in workouts as a busy mom?  Work out faster!!

Here is a great QUICK busy mom work out sure to get you sweaty: 

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