7 Things You Can do Now to Create Time to Work Out

How does a busy mom have time to work out?  With work, kids, household duties, etc., it can seem impossible to squeeze out any time for yourself on any given day.  How are fit moms doing it?!

Like making any lasting change, finding time to work out requires a bit of planning, a bit of discipline, and a sometimes a shift in mindset to sticking to your new routine. But you are worth it, momma! Hopefully a few of these ideas will help you squeeze in a few workouts each week.

Here are 7 ideas other fit moms are using to create time to work out:

1. Left Overs or Sandwich Dinner Night

30+min gained

Give yourself the night off from cooking a full meal at least once a week!  Your family will get used to it and maybe even look forward to it. Yes, there is great value in cooking and eating at home, but ease up the pressure on yourself to have a different meal every day and save the prep time for a great workout.

2. Get Up 30min Earlier on Saturday & Sunday 

30+min gained

Often when I am coaching clients to find the time to get in a workout, they are only considering the weekdays when they look at their overwhelming schedule.  If your goal is to get in 3 workouts a week, 2 of them can certainly be on your days off. Although weekends aren't exactly "off" for busy moms, planning ahead to get up a little early before the day's activities start will help you feel amazing all day.

3. Skip Social Media or Netflix One Night

1hr gained

I know I know.  You need to unwind.  You are tired after a long day and just want to relax. You have no energy to workout. But your body, health, and mental well-being will thank you for shifting your schedule from couch time to work out time even just one day a week. Trust me. Give it a try!

4. Simplify Lunch by Drinking a Shake & Go For a Walk

30+min gained

About 80-90% of the time, I have a meal replacement shake for lunch.  It's more nutritious than anything I could heat up or make and it's QUICK!  If you are using your lunch break to sit and eat every day, try having a shake even once a week and drinking it while you get in some exercise.

5. Exercise While Kids Practice

1hr gained

Spending a lot of time sitting in a chair while your kids participate in activities?  This is a great time to walk the track or get in a workout. It may feel awkward at first if you are the only parent being active, but your goals and the example you will be setting are more important that feeling silly. 

6. Put Kids to Bed 30min Early & Let Them Read or Play a Tablet

30min gained

My kids love it when I tell them they can get in bed and play their iPads for 30min.  I do this when I have a conference call or something and need them in a quiet place a bit early, but you could also do it to squeeze in a workout.  Kids certainly won't mind and momma gained 30 minutes!

7. Involve Your Kids in the Workout

30+min gained

Often, one of the reasons busy moms feel they can't workout is because they need to be available to the kids to keep an eye on them depending on their ages.  No matter their ages though, kids will love to get active with mom if you involve them in the process.  Once a week, instead of spending time together playing a game or going to the park, why not enjoy together time getting in a workout?  Not only will you be getting in your exercise, you'll give your kids a gift that keeps on giving... the confidence and value in taking care of oneself.