No Time to Exercise? You Need a Workout PLAN.

One of the biggest challenges facing busy moms--or any women with hectic lives--who want to get fit is that it seems like there’s no time to exercise when your schedule already looks full. A workout plan is a necessity, in more ways than one!

It might mean formulating a strategy yourself, after you’ve researched exercise types, different load strategies and results, put your schedule under the microscope and carved out the time to devote to working out. Or, you might find that it’s a better use of your resources to pay for a pre-designed workout plan that’s been put together specifically for busy moms and time-challenged women who have no time to exercise themselves and need the leg work of research and organization done for them.

You can help ensure the success of your workout plan--whatever form it takes--by following a few basic components, which I’ll base on the letters PLAN, just to make it easy to remember...


  • Prepared. Your workout plan should be completely laid out, to make it easy for you to implement. If you’re creating it yourself, this means putting in a lot of work beforehand; if you’re looking for a workout plan to buy, it’s worth paying extra for something that includes nutrition guides and detailed explanation of exercises.

  • Livable. The best researched workout plan isn’t going to do you any good unless you’ve chosen something sustainable. Is it too ambitious to start something that’s going to require a long commute to a gym? Being realistic about your constraints will keep your goals in range.

  • Accessible. Does your neighborhood gym have all the appropriate equipment? If you’re choosing to workout at home, do you have the implements you need? If you aren't sure, invest in a plan that is flexible for home or gym workouts.

  • Non-negotiable. Once you’ve spent the time creating a workout plan, or the money to buy one...make it a priority. Write it into the schedule and give it the same importance as you would a dentist appointment--it’s every bit as necessary for your health. So often, women - moms especially - put their workouts last on the list.  How long will you let your own health slide?  


The perception that a busy mom or any woman with a lot of pulls on her daily schedule has no time to exercise is just that; a perception. In reality, we make time for the things that are important, and your fitness--your health, your well-being--is one of the most important things there is for you, and by extension, your family, if you’re a busy mom. A workout plan designed to take your lifestyle into account could be the step you need to get and stay fit.