Fit and Fresh: Post Gym Locker Room Tips

Time is always a factor when it comes to fitness and being a busy woman. Are you catching yourself give up the workout because there is no time to workout AND get ready for work or dinner plans, etc.? Let's nip that excuse in the bud and get fit and fresh!

It may not be a widely discussed topic, but it’s definitely one that women who work out want to have the best intel on... How do you get office or dinner-ready QUICKLY after a good workout?

The ideal situation is one where you can give the weights or the track your all, and then go through your full shower/groom routine, but there are days where that just isn’t going to work, and you need some pointers for looking slick figuratively...not literally.

Post Gym Locker Room Tips:

Invest in good products.


The right hair accessories (to prevent breakage), a good headband (yes, they can work wonders even if they don’t look like 70s throwbacks), a dry shampoo that’s right for your hair type...solid tools in your gym bag will make it easy to develop a routine that can get you on your way in minutes.


Learn some techniques.

Things like dry shampoo have tricks to using them so that you reap their full benefits--invest some time in experimenting with them before you’re standing in front of the gym mirror. (Here’s a good list of tips for using dry shampoo correctly.) Find a quick style that suits your needs--professional for work, sexy for happy hour with friends--and practice it at don’t have to sacrifice pizazz. Just perfect the time it takes to achieve it.


Streamline...and simplify your gym look.

If you’ve historically been a person who needs to have undereye concealer on before stepping in public...consider letting it go to make the post workout makeup application the one that gets the most attention. You’ll also be doing your skin a favor; experts agree that working out sans makeup is best for your skin’s health. Streamlining your routine after will save minutes as well--look for two-in-one products like CC cream, lip/cheek stain, and combination eyelash primer/mascara.


Stagger Your Schedule.

If you have workouts that don’t get you as sweaty (accessory work, light jogs), doing those early and your harder workouts after office hours may give you more of an advantage in keeping a cool, collected look.


Even if it’s not possible to look as poised after a good workout as it is on a day when you get to enact an hour long beauty routine, just remember...a little post-fitness glow is a great natural beautifier, and navigating a cool down on the way to work is well worth the benefits your body is going to be reaping all day, after working up a good sweat.