Does Consistency Have to Be Boring? Try a New Fitness Plan!

The New Year often brings a bevy of folks to the gym, but what if you’re already there, three to five days a week?

Maybe there should be a new category of New Year’s resolutions for the crowd that is already grinding it out...and is ready to change it up.

You might have the knowledge that consistency is key down pat, but you’ve lost the excitement. It was fun in the beginning, when weight training was new and a challenge, but now your fitness routine is just that...a routine.

Tapping into new fitness plans that offer fresh challenges is key to giving your muscles new growth opportunities, and also important for keeping you motivated. It’s fine if you thrive under the regularity of your fitness routine, see growth and definition, and love your results. But if you’re itching to switch it up, or you’re not seeing the type of progress you want...think about starting the New Year off with a new fitness plan.

Maybe you want to go back to basics and build a foundation of strength, or maybe you need to jump start some hypertrophy. Maybe you want it all, and need a sequence of fitness plans that will walk you through it, with the thinking already done for you.

Not sure which plan would be right for you? Take the BMGF Fitness Plan Quiz, or purchase multiple plans at a discount, and get your body sculpting season all set up at once! (“Bundling Up” isn’t just for venturing outside this winter.)

If you’re consistent, you’re ahead of the game. But don’t let that devotion to the daily grind take away the fact that weight lifting can still be fun, even if you’re years in, and think you have to do it “A Certain Way”. You might also be surprised at how enjoyable a change of pace can be, even if it’s just tweaking a few exercises, or adding some new-to-you moves that amp up the fun quotient of your fitness routine.

Check out a Busy Mom Gets Fit plan, and let the New Year uncover a new aspect of your love of fitness.