By Christie Nix, FitNix

"Training: the most personal and inclusive journey you need to be on."

When you find yourself on a fitness journey, you began to understand just how PERSONAL of a decision it really is. While most start working out for very personal reasons: to feel better, lose weight, and shape up for summer, the lucky ones commit to the journey and gain more than they ever imagined.  

A fitness journey is personal because it’s finally for YOU!

Headphones on, WORLD OFF!! It’s a time you’ve set aside to work on yourself in one way or the other and that’s exactly what you set out to do. You don’t need a friend to workout with, a trainer to tell you what to do, or even care if you washed your hair from the workout before. You went to bed thinking about killing leg day tomorrow and wake up excited for the next deadlift PR attempt. Your reps are like therapy and the iron sharpens your soul.

In fact it’s so personal some just won’t get it.

It’s clear you’re in a different place than the average gym goer. You’ve become knowlegble, independent, confident, and specific. You may be even accused of being selfish, not relatable, or too focused.

What they don’t understand is how much that time for yourself is creating the person that is most authentically you.

It’s more than a workout and more than a goal body.

If it’s so personal though how can you find a tribe, and when does it become inclusive? 

If you’re like the person described above, it’s likely you’re the most confident you’ve ever been. You are more secure in who you are, and that has nothing to do with what you look like. There’s a new you that’s looking for new friends that “get it”.

You are finally so confident that you’re putting yourself out there. You are signing up for mud runs, races, competitions, or even lending your support to a gym friend that’s competing. You are going to fitness camps, seminars about training, or joining a supportive network that’s in a similar place. You begin cultivating friendships on social media, not in a creepy way, but one from inspiration and like-mindedness. You begin meeting up with your WOD class for lunch or go to a fit minded social gathering. You’ve opened yourself up to a culture that is so inclusive but only few get it.


Being in a place where YOU ARE SO EMPOWERED frees you up to truly empower others.

Supporting someone else’s success won’t dampen yours and you know that. When you own that empowerment your tribe gravities toward you.  That’s when you’re getting to the inclusive and bigger part of the journey.

You’ll experience friendships like never before, friends that force you to level up not simmer down, because they get it.

Friends that understand being the best version of you will inspire them to be their best version of self.

...Friendships that take you to fitness camps, competitions, and mud runs. …Where inspiration continues to flow and your journey continues to flourish. #YOURTRIBE

Personally my tribe has been orchestrated in ways I’d never imagined all because I decided to be my best version of me. I wonder what tribe you’ll find from embracing YOUR JOUREY and being the best version of you?

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world. 


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