Paralyzed Because You Overanalyze? 8 Tips for Getting Out of Your Own Way

By Val Solomon, Busy Mom Gets Fit


Difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

Difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do.

You know these simple truths.   You are an intelligent human that has made it this far!  So, now, why are you stuck?

Why do you fear change, doubt results, question if it’s worth it, and overanalyze what you know you need to do?


We’ve all been there.


We get stuck in our self-sabotaging habits.

We are afraid of failure.

We are afraid of what others will think.

We are stuck with our judgments and expectations.

We aren’t really sure we have what it takes to do the work that must be done.


So we just think about it.  We analyze and think.  We do nothing to launch ourselves in a forward motion.  And we stay stuck.


After being stuck a few times myself, and also successfully propelling myself forward, I’ve come up with a short list of tips to help you to get out of your own way.

8 Tips for Getting Out of Your Own Way


1.  You know what doing nothing looks like, so do something.

Because of my line of work in selling workout and diet guides and coaching people in business, I often get messages like this:

“I’ve tried everything and now I’ve been frustrated for a year.  I’m doubting whether your plan will help me.”


“My mom and grandmother are built just like me and have horrible health.  Is it even worth my effort to try to do this if I know my genetics?”


“I like the idea of this business, I just don’t know if I can do it?”

In all of these cases, I answer kindly with “You have a very clear image of what doing nothing looks like, why not try?”

To continue down the same path you are on will not lead you anywhere new.  To make real change, you have to do something different.


2.  Don’t be so wrapped up in “results”.  Change happens in the “process”.

Instead of being so obsessed about the end result (Will I ever be stage ready?  Will I lose the weight?  Will I be a success?), focus on building daily habits that move you in that direction.   Don’t paralyze yourself from even starting because you can’t see how the end result will be possible.   Change happens over time, because of little habit changes, and consistency.  I PROMISE you that if you just start the journey, you will grow and change as a person in the process.


3.  Trust yourself more.

Making a change takes a lot of guts.  It can be scary.  But you are a grown ass woman.  You’ve done lots of hard things and you can do this.  Time to own it.


4.  Aim for progress, not perfection.

There’s no such thing as perfect, but we can do better.  Be ok with the idea that you will slip up and you will have bad days.  But two steps forward and one step back is still forward progress. 


5.  Firmly refuse to be derailed from your goal.

Refuse to let life or other people take away your “thing”.   There is never a perfect time.  There are always distractions.  Some distractions can be intimidating and overwhelming.  But it is up to you if you let them derail you.  Don’t.  You deserve this.  Time to be a fighter.


6.  Just act.  You don’t have to have all of the answers yet.

Stop spinning your wheels because all of the dots are not connected yet.  Figure out what step one is, even if you aren’t sure what step two is, and get going.


7.  Be real and accept your humanity…. Uncertainty, changing your mind, starting over, etc.

Guess what?!  You are going to slip up!  It’s ok!  You are going to have bad days and weeks or even months!   You are human.  Just keep moving forward.  Give yourself a little tough love and compassion when needed.


8.  Speak your goals out load…. And get out of the way!

If you want real change or for something big to happen, say it out loud.   Maybe this sounds a little deep, but I’ve had this happen to me over and over.   Maybe it’s because once you finally really commit and speak out loud your goal, YOU are more likely to make it happen.  Or maybe there’s a higher power at work.  Regardless, I encourage you to put it out to the world what you want and then, get out of the way!  Watch for the opportunities and people along the way that are there to help you make it happen.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”