By Christie Nix, FitNix

You’re fit, train hard, but don’t use the barbell.

For whatever reason, you just haven’t.

I want more for you, and there is so much more when you embrace the bar.

Here are 3 reasons to add the cold steel to your training program:

1.   It Can Be a Total Body Workout

The barbell is great for the power moves you typically think of – squat, bench, dead lift, etc. but you CAN get a total body workout too.

As I learned about bodybuilding, I began to find more movements I could use the barbell for that were not a part of the power moves. It’s great to think of one piece of equipment to CHALLENGE the entire body. Often times my at home clients will add to their dumbbell collection when really they just needed a barbell and some plates.

It may take some time and learning, but don’t count the barbell out because you think you can only squat and bench with it. 

For ideas check out my YouTube channel.


2.   Progression

There comes a point in your training when you just need more… More over load, more stress to the muscle group, more weight on your back. The pre-weighted bars are great for convenience, small spaces, and getting started. At some point you’ll NEED the squat rack to get underneath a weight that’s going to give you the change you’re looking for. Not to mention there’s something pretty special about sliding 45-pound plates onto the bar, because girls aren’t supposed to be able to lift heavy, right? Which brings me to my last but most certainly not least reason….


3.   Empowerment

If you’re walking into the gym, heading straight for the barbell, you’re that strong chick that just owns her time and does the work. You aren’t hiding in a corner with your dumbbells until you’ve reached your goals. You’re getting STRONG from the inside out. You are taking your space with the barbell to do so (because you’ll need space, it’s a long bar).

Maybe you didn’t start out like that. But I can promise if you stick with it long enough you’ll end up like that. What was once scary becomes something you crave, familiar, and empowering.


There’s something about picking up the weight and putting it down that gives you the feeling of STRONG like nothing else. It’s the kind of strong that radiates from within even outside of the gym. You become this woman who lives to create more of herself not less. All your reps of picking up and pushing heavy weight become metaphors for pushing through tough times in life. To quote one of my favs, Lisbeth Darsh, “look around, when women get stronger, our world gets stronger. When we put barbells in women’s hands we change them for the better”. 

Whatever reason you have for not lifting with the barbell, I challenge you to let it go and put one in your hands and feel more than just the bar…feel the possibilities, the future progress, and the empowerment your barbell sisters are craving for you. Other equipment might get you fit, that’s true, but my STRONG came from my moments of EMBRACING THE BAR!  

The Busy Mom Gets Fit Next Step Plan progressively introduces you to barbell movements.  Start out with exercises that are less intimidating and let us walk you through those same movements with the bar.  You’ll be forever changed!


For those that already know the power of the barbell and want to know how you can link arms with us to spread the love, check out GORGO Magazine’s Barbell Project Ambassador Course.