3 Steps to Getting Back On Track and Staying There…

By Christie Nix, FitNix

If you’re anything like me, summer time can challenge your commitments to self. Kids are home from school, vacations are planned (yummy foods), and the warm weather has you out and about entertaining the minions, letting the reigns of your fitness life be a little looser than normal.

It’s a season, and oh so worth it. But let’s be real…. it’s time to get back into routine and feeling in control of your choices again. BACK ON TRACK is where you feel the best and thrive the most.

Too often though, we aim for perfection, which makes getting back on track feel like a commitment we can’t make. It’s too hard, too restrictive, and without perfection, results are unattainable, so we tell ourselves.

This fitness expert and busy mama is here to tell you, THAT’S NOT TRUE!!

3 Steps to Getting and Staying on Track:

  • Step 1: Exercise Commitments

  • Step 2: Nutrition Plan

  • Step 3: Controlling Mindset


Set a goal that’s realistic FOR YOU! What can you commit to? …Not what you think is ideal or comes with the quickest results. Can you handle 5 days a week right now, or can you commit to 3 and a 4th would be extra credit?

It’s so important to manage expectations; you’re in this for life.  Don’t force something that isn’t ideal for this season. Know your limits but also be committed to what you say you’re going to do. And then expand from there once you’ve re-committed to your routine.

Then, make the most of that time. Know what you’ll do with your commitment. Lift weights, run, cardio, or a combination of them all. You know what your goals are and what makes you feel the best. Have a plan and stick to it…maximize that time you’ve set aside because time is hard to come by, isn’t it?  


This is the hardest part for me… probably for you to! I know EXACTLY how I should be eating and I know what kind of commitment that takes. Healthy habits take a long time to create and it may take some baby steps getting back to that rhythm of eating. Here are some small changes you can make to gradually get BACK ON TRACK!


-      Log your food

-      Drink a gallon of water

-      Cut out that summer time treat you’ve indulged in too often

-      PLAN your meals for the week (menu- grocery list- cook).

-      Find ways to simplify (hello high protein meal replacement shakes)

-      Limit your glasses of wine (oh man)

-      Eat protein minded (getting those macros back on point and managing the menu).

You might only pick three from this list to start out with for the first week, and build from there next week. Too often I’ve had clients aim for NUTRITON PERFECTION only to leave them overwhelmed and back off track.

If you need help finding your nutrition rhythm of eating, checkout the Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Plan

80% commitment 100% of the time is much more effective than 100% commitment 20% of the time.

Look, I love a good ice cream stop with my kids, a summery drink with my husband, and popcorn with butter at the movies. Being ON TRACK doesn’t mean you CAN’T have any of these moments, it just means you have a plan for them and a plan for all the moments around them.





Thoughts you've got to let go of:

-      I went way too far off track, there’s no hope

-      I’m too embarrassed to even go to the gym

-      I’ve gained 10, 15, 20 pounds and just need to starve myself to lose it

-      But I ate this and this and this…and its just too late

-      I don’t have the time, energy, or strength to begin again

-      I’ll just stop eating carbs all together (this doesn’t work either, I promise).

When you control your thoughts, you can control your actions, and the outcome. Remember, you’re getting back on track; you are not at the end of the road. We are so hard on ourselves for letting life have a season that isn’t ideal; hopelessness and fear beat out feeling better and in control.

Decide RIGHT NOW to take control. ACKNOWLEDGE that it won’t happen over night. REMEMBER your ‘why’…those kids you just gave a season to, they need you to feel amazing, healthy, and strong.