I'm Raising My Sons to See Women as Equals

By Valerie Solomon, Busy Mom Gets Fit

I was just thinking how badass a few of the little girls on my 6 year old son's soccer team are when a mom across the field yelled at her son, "Come on! Beat her! She's just a girl!"

What?!  Just when I thought we were making progress in women's equality, I'm reminded how so many people's minds are deeply rooted in the dark ages.

I'm raising my sons to not just value women, but to see them as equals, partners, and capable of just as much as anyone.

Just to double check my 'raising', I told my ten year old what I heard and asked what he thought.  "Well it's weird because she's telling her son he's not good ...and she's saying girls shouldn't be good.  And it's weird because she's a mom and she's a girl!"

Yep. Buddy, it is weird ...on so many levels.

Please, fellow boy moms, join me in raising sons who see that it's not a competition.  Boys can be who they are, and girls can be who they are.  In some cases, the traditional gender roles apply.  But many times the girl is just really that much faster (or stronger, or better at math, etc.) And when that happens, teach him to empower her.  Teach him to want her on his team and not see her as a threat to his masculinity.

In no way do I think raising boys to be men involves making them feel superior to women in sports, career, or any other way.