My Kid Wants to WorkOut...WHat Do I Do?


If you’re a busy mom, and you’ve found time to make fitness a priority, chances are that your kids have noticed, and may have even had their curiosity piqued about your method of getting in shape, whether it’s weightlifting, running, or yoga. Now your kid wants to workout... what do you do?!

Many moms fall into two different schools of thought, or a combination of the two.

1) Gym Time is ME Time.

There’s nothing wrong with insisting that Mom’s workout time is just that...Mom Time. You can suggest exercise-related activities for your kiddos or make additional time to help them figure out a sport or fitness pursuit that they’ll enjoy, and that you can enable.

In other words, if you do not want to work out with your kids, AT ALL...that is completely your choice. Ways exist to promote fitness, and still have your alone, get-fit time...because you deserve it.

2) Getting Fit is a Family Affair.

Maybe you’re excited that your children are interested in the gym, and they fit your establishment’s rules for age limits. What now?

Just like with adults, children should have a doctor consult before beginning a workout regimen. Basic safety cautions aside, the Mayo Clinic offers a few additional suggestions for parents whose children want to engage in strength training…

Complete Supervision.

You won’t be able to just turn a tween or teen lose in a gym; even if they have sports experience, you’ll need to watch them and make sure safety protocols are being observed.

Consider Bodyweight Exercises.

Weights can be problematic if not used correctly; try encouraging a youngster to try bodyweight exercises first. They’re a little more self limiting and may forestall getting too ambitious.

Call in a Professional.

A trainer who has experience with kids might be a good investment.

Keep it Simple.

Warm up, keep reps and weights manageable, and cool down.


No matter which side you lean’s possible to make fitness a family affair, just be sure that self care remains a priority! You’re important to your family, and that means your fitness is important to them, too.